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Education Center 

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We are committed to providing our community and customers with truthful information and services. We conduct our business honestly and take responsibility for our actions. 


Is the key to success. We promote, and support diversity within our workplace and strive to be culturally diverse at all levels.


We encourage forward thinking, and promoting an environment where change and problem solving are met with collaboration and innovation. 

CNI Solutions is a Community Based Organization for people, businesses, and communities in the Huntsville, Alabama area working toward prosperity through economic, social justice, and entrepreneurship. Our purpose is to strengthen families, grow a sustainable regional economy, cultivate leadership and community unity while fostering respect for all. Through our innovative and unique programs, CNI Solutions is building a strong foundation for the future of our region


Community Empowerment Entrepreneur and Education Center.

We are here to make it happen, but It is up to you to want to succeed,

1035 Putnam Drive Suite F

Huntsville, AL 35816  Tel: 256-459-6020